Supercharge Your Immunity

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A strong immune system is the cornerstone to good health. And the best defence is a strong offence.

While a healthy diet and regular exercise can help to maintain immune functions, sometimes our body needs a helping hand from essential nutrients for an added boost. For healthier days ahead, incorporate this immune-boosting combo into your health regimen.

Why this combo?

Studies have shown a strong link between levels of vitamin D and respiratory infections. Activating immune defences, we are able to obtain this sunshine vitamin through foods like salmon, sardines and egg yolks, as well through skin exposure to sunlight. As much as we love Canada though, the limited sunlight throughout the winter months can contribute towards a vitamin D deficiency. Supplement with vitamin D for a healthy immune system, along with vitamin K to help maximize absorption.

Immune Health contains a combination of herbs that build and maintain a healthy immune system. To name a few, Siberian ginseng and codonopsis are superb immune tonics while reishi and schisandra are immune-boosting adaptogens. Try this fast-acting liquid herbal combo to strengthen your natural defences!

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