Chill Out Ritual

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Stress and anxiety ailing you? If so, this is the combo you're looking for!

While stress is a part of our everyday normal life, an ongoing state of mental or emotional strain can turn into 'distress' and wreak havoc on the body. Did you know? Stress is directly linked to chronic fatigue, depression, high blood pressure, IBS, migraines, infections, PMS, diabetes, thyroid issues and more!

Bring natural relief and balance back into your life with this stress & anxiety-relieving kit.

Why this combo?

Magnesium plays over 800 different roles in the body. This mineral is most famous as a natural muscle relaxer and nervous system peacemaker. Working to calm the mind, magnesium can be helpful when experiencing anxious feelings, high levels of stress, restlessness and irritability. Eating foods that are naturally rich in magnesium such as dark chocolate, nuts and seeds, and legumes can help. However, since our soils are being depleted of crucial nutrients like magnesium, supplementation is a popular option as the benefits outweigh the symptoms of deficiency.

Bounce Back is a blend of adaptogenic herbs and nutrients specially formulated to support your adrenal glands, the stress-managing organ that sits atop the kidneys. When the adrenal glands endure exposure to stress, it can affect metabolism, blood pressure and much more. It's important to recharge your adrenal glands with the nutrients they need, so they don't become overworked and eventually, fatigued to the max.

How to use:

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